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Web Analytics help you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your website traffic, video, flash, and other social networking applications and campaigns.

The practice of using analytics in digital marketing is all about supporting business decision making, which, in a way, can help you take better decisions.

Why is “Digital Analytics” important and how can it benefit you?

Web analytics is as important to your business as making good decisions is. The alternative is nothing more than a mix of biased intuition, subjective opinion, and blissful ignorance. Now do not misunderstand our points – opinions and intuition are invaluable to decision making, but they should always be taken together with facts. And web analytics is all about that. Web analytics can benefit you in the following ways:

Conversion and Walk-In

There’s always a need to know the number of consumers accessing your wares so you can evaluate your business performance. The effectiveness of your display and promotion campaigns can also be tested.

Web analytics gives you the opportunity to track your people count, dwell time, visit frequency, and conversion rate.

Conversion and Walk-In

Finding Problems

Web analytics help you find problems in the system and take initiative to solve the same before other consumers experience the issue.

Finding Problems

Mapping Customer Journey

Web analytics help you map out customer journey using the data collected from customer interactions enabling us to understand them further.

Mapping Customer Journey

What You Can Expect

Our services for setting up of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Sitemap for your business are inclusive of but not restricted to:

  • Complete setup of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and sitemap for your business
  • Setting up of funnel and goals of your website pages
  • Customized dashboard creation and reporting
  • Setting up of appropriate filters to segregate and exclude internal traffic from the report
  • Providing complete conversion report
  • Tracking the links to your webpages to ensure that they lead to the right pages
  • Tracking and monitoring user activity
What You Can Expect

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